Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Empties .. Love or hate part 1

Towards the end of summer I found myself finishing quite a few products and I've kept majority of them aside and thought I would review them and give my thoughts, some loved and will be reused but some would not be my immediate choice. This will be in two parts as I'm coming to an end with some more products.
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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Where have I been?

Hey, I hope everyone is well?!

I just wanted to give a mini mid year update (all be it a little later then I planned) and an apology as to why I've been so quiet and not as active with uploading any posts like I have been previously. I suppose I've taken a little break hoping to get back on track soon as I love trying new things out and letting you guys know what I think and what I'm getting up to.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mac's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

So I've had my eye on Mac's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, it's actually been sat in my safari list on my phone so I didn't forget which one I had been looking at. It's a powder and foundation in one with medium to full coverage, now I'm not sure if this is just me but I don't see how a powder has a full coverage, maybe it depends on how you apply it? I'm not sure but I was intrigued to try this as it's described as a foundation I thought this could be ideal on the days where I don't wanted to wear a liquid foundation but I still want something on my face.

Anywhooo I went into Mac last week and I got matched up with NW25 which is actually darker than the Mineralize powder I have in light plus, I slyly think it wasn't right for me from the start but I do use it. It was applied with the 135 large flat powder brush and when I looked in the mirror I could see it immediately went matte and the colour was just exactly what I wanted, not too pale and not too dark.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Weekend in Manchester

A couple of weeks ago me and some of the girls went to Manchester to surprise Naquelle. She moved up there a couple of years ago or so and we hadn't all yet made a trip there for a girls weekend. We had a group chat with all of us and it was discussed of doing something towards the end of May as it was Naquelle's and Shonola's birthdays (both are very close) and there was talks of going Manchester but it didn't really go any further, little did Naquelle know we had created a separate group chat and decided we would go down for the weekend and surprise her. The main group chat things would be mentioned again about doing something even going London but none of us really responded to it, it was all an act, an act we all played our parts very well, Natalie's sarcasm just comes naturally. We would go back to the "secret" group and discuss things we should say and have reasons if we couldn't do that weekend. We had Naquelle's boyfriend involved (thanks to Sharna and Shonola) and he was in on it all making sure she had time off work, she had no idea. 
It came to the Friday and this was the day. There was a major surprise for Naquelle as her boyfriend had proposed to her in the morning! How cute, romantic, sweet, perfect, I could go on but you get what I'm trying to say. Sharna drove down and we did have some jokes along the way, we got stuck in traffic and someone spotted a good looking guy in the car behind so we made a sign on tissue (don't worry we didn't ruin a lipstick we had a pen lol) I think it said "we think your buff", me and Natalie held it up so he could see it and well we made his day, he was smiling and giggling slightly lol. Sharna is the sign still in your car?! So a few hours later we arrived, it was time to surprise her even more so we ran in her house screaming with balloons and party poppers. The facial expression was priceless she had absolutely no idea we was coming at all. It was safe to say we planned a surprise and no one or nothing gave it away. We done it!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lip care

Today I wanted to share what lip products I use on a daily basis and some I love and some I've tried and tested but are not my favourites. Using lip products throughout the day I think is very important, they stop your lips from being dry, cracked and sore which there is nothing worse then when they feel like this and they don't look great either.

In the morning as I wake up and before I go bed I always apply Vaseline, I think the one by my bed at the moment is the aloe vera one and throughout the day I sometimes have a choice, always another Vaseline but then maybe a carmex one. I honestly cannot leave my house without some lip product or something, I feel lost without it.

If I know I'm going out and will be wearing a lipstick that can be drying I try to use Lush's lip scrub in bubble-gum (smells and tastes delicious lol), it has jojoba oil which is super moisturising, before I apply it. After I've taken off the lipstick I tend to use something which is a bit thicker to put the moisture back in.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Primark Highlight & Glow kit

One of the girls I work with actually found this Highlight and Glow Kit on line one day and I was super shocked that Primark have brought out a highlight & glow palette, we was both like we have to get our hands on this and see if it's any good. Primark have really stepped up their game within the beauty world, selling more than affordable products and are great if your just starting out buying make up. They have a broad range of products from eyelashes to tanning products and everything in between.  I have one of their PS Pro matte primers which was sent in a GlossyBox, I love it for every day use but do you think I can find it anywhere?!

I was just browsing in my local Primark and I thought I would check out the make up section and see if they actually stocked in and to my amazement they did picked it up straight away and made sure no one had opened it and put their fingers in it and made a mess of it! I couldn't wait to get home and swatch it. The packing of this is great, you know what it is straight away. Inside there is 4 decent sized pans, all of them are different colours, no two are similar which to me is a good thing as they have given options and will be suitable for most skin tones. There is a little picture on the insides of where the highlighter should be placed on your face along with the colours and names down the side. 

I think personally my only downfall to this is there is no mirror inside but this is something very minor, and personal preference, as for the price of only £4 you can't expect it to have everything you want in it. As you can see below the 4 colours swatched.
Sunbeam - this is more of white/champagne one.
Siesta - I find this to be a light rose gold which would be ideal if you want it a more subtle glow.
Sundown - I'm not yet sure how I would describe this one, it's like a gold colour but has a tinge of orange? Or is that just me?
Pool Party - Now this is more of your bronze highlight and would be perfect if you want that bronze glow but I think you may have to be careful how much is applied with this one it looks like it could leave your skin looking a little muddy.

L-R Sunbeam, Siesta, Sundown and Pool Party

Have you tried this or any other products from Primark's beauty range?


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

April's Love Me Beauty

I've been subscribed to Love Me Beauty for a few months now and I must say for a beauty subscription box/bag I really quite like it. You pay Around £13 including postage per month and you get 60 credits to use in their store, everything is of different value, the products are not always full size they are more like deluxe samples but they are so ideal and perfect for on the go and your trying the product before you buy it full size. They often have a feature brand each month within their edit which has a selection of products from that particular brand, for example they've had: Make Up Forever, Kat Von D and Charlotte Tilbury, it feels like a treat to try these brands as some of them can be pricey.

Each month you will receive an email to let you know once you're credits have been renewed and a link to shop the edit. You have to use a minimum of 60 credits per order but you can buy additional credits if you want if there is something else that. Some months there will be products from previous edits but sometimes these are handy as they are mainly of smaller value and can bulk up your order. I do look forward to receiving my order as I find the products in the edits are really good quality, also they come in a little zip up pouch with different patterns/colours each month.

This month I had a look through and I decided to pick the following:
Eco Tools Full Powder and Precision Blush, Dr Bragi Sheet Intensive Treatment and Popband hair band.