Monday, 15 January 2018

Hello 2018

How are we mid way through January already? It does not seem that long ago that it was Christmas and everyone was celebrating New Years? I hope everyone had a lovely time spending it with their loved ones and stuffing ya face till you can't move anymore! That's what it's all about really oh and presents, who doesn't love a presents?! Especially when you wasn't expecting it or it's something you really wanted. I had spent the days that I could with my family but unfortunately throughout the festive period I was not feeling 100% so I spent a majority of the time in bed with my teddy hot water bottle watching Netflix. 

Now all the festivities are over it's back to reality, 2018 here we come! Probably like a lot of people I'm not setting no resolutions because if you want things to change that much you will do it without it being a new year new start or fresh start crap because come on who really sticks at their new years resolutions? This year for me I want to do more whether that's jumping on a plane to go somewhere or find new places to explore in the UK either do it alone and with the people I love. Getting back into a healthier lifestyle is key for me as well, small changes at a time will make a difference. Some may say that I have set resolutions but these are changes I've been trying to make these for past couple months. Overall I want to look back and say this year was a good year with a big smile on my face!
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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

My recent beauty buys

It's been a while since I done one of these kind of posts, unfortunately I just haven't been buying loads of beauty products to do a haul like post. Over the last month or so I've bought a few things, some which were repurchases and some new. I kind of forgot how much I love shopping for anything beauty related but not how much money I would spend!

See what new products I've bough and what products I've repurchased....

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Last minute secret santa gift ideas under £10

Have you agreed and decided to take part in a secret Santa at your work place and your not too sure what to get the person? This can be real fun like who doesn't love a little gift just before Christmas but on the other hand it can be difficult especially if you don't really know the person that well. I've created a little list of some ideas and as the title gives away, under £10!

This list has both his and her ideas, you may even like something for yourself or to put in as a stocking filler for someone else.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Fenty Beauty

So a few weeks ago me and one of the girls I work with decided to take a drive to London visit Harvey Nichols to get the highly raved about Fenty Beauty foundation. I know I'm late purchasing it but I think that's a good thing as I wanted to wait for the hype to die down a bit and not be so manic when I go.

We met up with one of my other friends when we got to London and all made our way to Knightsbridge tube station. As soon as we came out of the station we were directly at the entrance but to my surprise there was a Fenty Beauty queue. It was over heard that there has been a queue all day every day since it launched!.We waited around 45 minutes I believe, it felt like it was forever, luckily it wasn't cold! As there was a queue only 1 to 2 people could get seen at a time but we made sure we all got seen together so we could all make sure we got our correct colour.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Birthday Month

Oh my! November has been an extremely busy month for me for a long time which is why I haven't actually posted anything, I've either been out of Ipswich or out the country. It made a change do have so many plans in one go!

For those wondering (and don't have me on snapchat), it was my birthday on the 1st and I've had a week and various other days off throughout the month. Keep reading to see what I got up to and how I celebrated my birthday this year ! :)

Monday, 2 October 2017

A few new things for Autumn

After going through my wardrobe on my week off, getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in over a year and know I'm not ever going to wear again or even wear for a first time. I try to go through my clothes well everything at least twice a year and I either pop some items which have barely been worn and still have a lot of use left on my Depop Store (search JanayAndre) or I give them to charity. I created some space in my wardrobe and as I was going through it I realised I could do with some more tops to wear casually out and to chill.

Me and my mum popped into Matalan a couple times in the last week, we forget we have one in Ipswich because of the location. I only went in for a pair of jeans and bought more than I intended to, oops! I pretty much have two new outfits that I can mix and match. I have always found the materials used of a good quality and know that they will last.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Empties .. Love or hate part 1

Towards the end of summer I found myself finishing quite a few products and I've kept majority of them aside and thought I would review them and give my thoughts, some loved and will be reused but some would not be my immediate choice. This will be in two parts as I'm coming to an end with some more products.